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Our team has been delivering top-notch Los Angeles Electrical Contractor services to locals in Los Angeles and surrounding areas for the past two decades. We specialize in industrial, residential and commercial properties offering a wide range of electrical-related solutions that not only promise safety but also deliver energy efficiency.

Team of electricians
Los Angeles Electrical Contractor

Being full-service Los Angeles based electricians, we handle myriad services such as:

Residential Electric services

Our technicians will install wiring, lighting, do grounding, undertake panel upgrades, install equipment, add circuits and so much more. Our emergency service is available 24/7 – simply call us!

Commercial Electric Services

When it comes to commercial electrical solutions, we are a cut above the rest. From installing CCTV cameras to setting up PBX, our staff can do it all. We also design retail plans and diagnose shorts.


Industrial Electric Services

Large scale industrial electrical design takes precise engineering skills. We have decades of experience in handling complex circuits, industrial motors and alternators, and 3-phase circuit installations.

Electrical Service Upgrades – Move Towards A Safer Future

Service panel upgrades can be quite tricky- especially if you have hired a newbie! Our electrical service panel upgrades work with a specialist approach to ensure new technologies are integrated safely and perform optimally.

We work with property managers of single family residences, condominiums, retail spaces, multi-unit apartment buildings and more. From a simple 200 amp upgrade to complex 800 amp installations, no job is too big for us. Our staff is well versed with local L.A. building regulations and utility norms.

Los Angeles Electrical Contractor

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Commercial Services

When it comes to commercial electrical solutions, we are a cut above the rest.

Industrial Services

Large scale industrial electrical design takes precise engineering skills.

Lighting Expertise

Lighting, residential and commercial, is our area of expertise. We are locally renowned for presenting your property in a new light, you can say put the perfect spotlight on your home! Our electrical contractor team helps you with:

Local Los Angeles Electrical Contractor for Wiring and Rewiring

Wiring is the crucial stage of any electrical contractor installation – whether residential or commercial. Our professional-grade wiring and rewiring ensure safety, convenience, and comfort. From simple cloth wiring to tube wiring and knob type, we can help! We make sure you are part of the design phase to ensure that your daily convenience of operation is well taken care of.

Also, we undertake meter conversions helping property managers convert their old meter systems to new ones and realize more profits.

Why Choose Us

  • Most people and business owners don’t even realize that they have an electrical fault in their premises. Such issues can be underlying and remain so for many years affecting the overall performance of electrical systems. Or it could be an aesthetics issue such as adding outdoor lighting in the garden/backyard. Even a simple home theater equipment needs professional electrical installation to ensure it performs optimally.

    Whatever your needs are, our licensed electricians in Los Angeles are just a call away to make your home safer, more comfortable and beautiful. Simply call us to make an appointment today.

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Kord Electric Services is a professional local, Reliable Licensed Los Angeles Electrician Company. Where superb customer service, competitive prices and most importantly friendly services is our #1 Priority!

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