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Every house has its phases of peak consumption of electricity and standby mode. The continuous fluctuation in the pattern of usage puts a strain on wires and cables. This causes the insulation to wear out, and the wires become loose. As a result, electric arcs occur in the weak points of your home’s wiring. And there is no method of knowing this until it’s too late or you use an arc fault detection device.

An arc fault is a discharge of electric current between two conductors. The discharge converts into heat which often melts the wire insulation and can trigger an electrical fire. The arc fault is highly variable regarding strength and duration and can range in power from few amps to thousands of amps.

The most common reasons for arc faults include incorrect installations and corroded connections. Arc faults are a type of wiring protection which use magnetic waves to detect fluctuations in the current and minimize the possibility of a fire.

An arc fault breaker is designed to prevent fires by detecting faults and disengaging the power. The electric current will stop flowing due to interruption, and the arc will be disconnected. Research shows that 400 people have died due to 40,000 fires which were caused by faulty home wiring.

Arc fault breakers are designed to check the flow of current and differentiate between intentional and unintentional arc conditions. When a circuit has strong current to maintain an electric arc outside of a switching device, it can destroy the equipment. The wiring, conductors, and insulation can all melt and become damaged which can lead to a fire. Moreover, the arcs from surrounding air include chemical compounds such as nitrogen and oxygen will eat the nearby metal surfaces.

Arc fault breakers are sensitive devices which are designed to respond to potentially dangerous arcs. It uses a unique algorithm to distinguish between working and hazardous arcs. It can sometimes become a nuisance if the arc is too sensitive causing regular tripping. Arc fault breakers can read false positives, disengaging the current when no such threat or arc exists.