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If you don't like coming out of the shower because your bathroom is cold then merely adding a bathroom heater can make a world of a difference. You can improve the temperature of your bath by replacing the exhaust fan with a bathroom heater. It sucks up all the air in the bathroom and heats it up internally before recirculating it. So, when you step out of the shower, it is nice and warm instead of cold.

Forgetting to install a bathroom heater when building or renovating your home is a common mistake. Bathroom heaters have added the advantage of keeping humidity levels low because it circulates the air. The lower levels of humidity prevent mildew and bacteria from growing on your bathroom walls and fixtures. This can save your interiors from rust and erosion, saving you costs in the long term.

It is imperative to keep the bathroom dry because bacteria and mildew thrive in a wet environment and a suitable electric heater is easier to install than conventional pipe heating systems. It also provides heat instantly and is cheaper than traditional heating because it can be controlled independently from rest of your heating.

It is highly recommended that you hire a qualified electrician to install a bathroom heater and do NOT attempt this job yourself. The consequences of a mistake could be hazardous and life-threatening. Rewiring is required for correct installation of bathroom heaters and has to adhere to the electrical safety regulations.

When buying a fan heater, make sure you choose one which makes no noise, and the voltage matches your existing current. There is nothing more annoying than having a roaring bathroom fan disturbing the serenity of the bathroom.

BK Electric Services have years of experience in renovating bathrooms and installing fixtures including heaters and fans. Our qualified electrician will consult with you, which heater and fan fit your requirements and find an option that does not overload your existing circuit. He will also suggest an alternative which fit within your budget so that you can have the best deal.