brass chandelier hanging from ceiling with many lights


The word chandeliers come from "Chandelle" which is a French word, and it means floating in mid-air. Modern-day chandeliers are exquisite pieces of craftsmanship. They are statement pieces of home décor and can bring any room to life.

They come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and textures imaginable. Usually, a glass or crystal pieces are cut into delicate shapes which dangle from the structure of chandeliers. It creates a magical moment when sunlight bounces from these delicate pieces and casts a shadow nearby.

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The earliest chandeliers were entirely different and only had two beams of wood connected in the shape of a cross. It had spikes which held candles made from animal fat. These were used to provide light for studying by monks in churches or abbeys. As time went by, these structures found their way into the home of wealthy and prosperous and became grand structures of art. Antler chandeliers are mostly seen in cabins or lodges and add a rustic charm to the room.

BK Electric Service has many years of experience of installing chandeliers. From modern fittings to antique chandeliers our electricians have the expertise required to handle them all. The size and weight of these exquisite structures can be quite significant, so they have to be installed carefully as serious injury can happen if they fall. Our electrician will ensure that the chandelier is safely mounted and is working correctly. We offer repair and cleaning services for chandeliers for our valued customers as well.

We come highly recommended by various prestigious lighting showrooms across the state. We recommend replacing your standard toggle switch with a dimmer if you are going to install a chandelier. So, you can not only control the brightness levels but also keep your energy bills under control too.

BK Electric Services have years of experience in installing chandeliers including glass and crystal designs. Our qualified electrician will consult with you, which kind of chandelier fit your requirements and find an option that does not overload your existing circuit. All you need to do is choose what design you like, and we will handle all of the rest for you.