Circuit breakers are one of the most important safety devices in your home, and they are essential in today’s modern world. These small devices cut the power if the electrical wiring in the building has too much current flowing through it. This minimizes the chances of potential fires and damaging electrical appliances until someone can fix the problem.

Circuit breakers are a simple solution to a potentially hazardous problem. The electricity supplied by power plants enters our houses in a large circuit which is made of many smaller circuits. The electric charge in the circuit always passes through an appliance which acts as a resistor. This resistance limits how much electric current can flow through a circuit which keeps the electrical system running smoothly.

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Sometimes things go wrong such as a fan motor might heat up and melt or accidental puncturing of the power line occurs when a nail is driven into the wall. In these cases, the hot and neutral wire may fuse together or connect the hot wire to the ground, and when that happens, then there is minimal resistance in the circuit. The voltage then pushes a significant amount of current through the wire which causes overheating. If the wires continue to overheat for a few minutes, it can start a fire and cause appliances to fuse and burn.

The circuit breaker is the only device which cuts off the circuit whenever the current raises above the safety level.

Circuit breakers differ from fuses because they are not one-off devices. They can be reset and come in a variety of sizes for different needs. A smaller version is used for homes whereas a large switch box circuit breaker can protect the circuits of an entire city.

Since these devices can be reset, you won’t need to buy any replacements unless it breaks, cracks or malfunctions. To replace one, you will need to call in a professional who will turn off all the circuit breakers, find the fault and install a new one for you. BK Electric Services will send a certified electrician who can replace a circuit breaker within minutes.