A dedicated circuit is independent of the central electrical system and is set aside for one particular appliance. This appliance could be highly demanding or sensitive, hence the need for a dedicated circuit.

Dedicated circuits protect your appliances and require extra attention during installation. They also have their own circuit breakers which are intended for a one-time use which means if they get damaged, it must be replaced with a new one.

Appliances without a dedicated circuit are at the risk of drawing more current than the circuit’s capacity to handle which can lead to tripping breakers, blowing fuses, melting of wire insulation and the possibility of starting a fire.

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Dedicated circuits have an added advantage that they prevent overload hence saves the appliance from damage. They also ensure the smooth flow of current without any interruptions so that operating conditions remain constant and safe. There are three types of dedicated circuits available in the market right now: 15-amp, 20-amp, and 30-50 amp.

The 15-amp circuit is perfect for use with kitchen appliances, and anything higher will overload the device and potentially cause a fire. You may decide to use one dedicated circuit for two kitchen appliances; sharing between a dishwasher and garbage disposal. However, if one device consumes massive amounts of electricity, then this idea should be dropped. It is recommended to add the total consumption before installing a dedicated circuit.

The National Electric Code states that every appliance needs to have a separate dedicated circuit that is not shared with any other appliance.

For medium sized kitchen appliances such as a microwave and toaster, a 20-amp dedicated circuit will work best. Fridges and dryers are heavy-duty kitchen appliances which require vast amounts of electricity; therefore, a dedicated circuit of 30-50 amp is recommended for each.

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