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A home theatre allows you to bring the cinema experience into your home. You don’t have to leave the comfort of your home, stand in long queues for the ticket, or sit in the front row of the cinema anymore. You can enjoy all your favorite movies from the luxury of your home, sitting in your favorite chair or sofa.

You can eat, drink, play or pause the movie as you like and there is no need to put up with lengthy advertisements during the beginning and interval of the movie. A home theatre system can truly change your life and give your family the ultimate visual experience.

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Most people don’t know that you can re-create the exact magic of cinema by placing your sound system strategically and installing a high-resolution film projector. Both pieces of equipment used to be very expensive a decade ago but now as technology has advanced, the prices have dropped considerably. Film projectors boast higher picture quality at affordable prices, so many modern families can enjoy the luxury of a home theatre system.

Installing a home theatre system requires careful planning as you need to think about the wiring, strategic positioning of speakers and projector. You will also need to ensure that the film projector is securely positioned and is easy to reach. Make your life easy by calling BK Electric Services, and our expert technicians will install your film projector at the right eye level.

We have been mounting and installing projector screens for over two decades now in Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Fernando Valley areas. You can trust our electricians who have complete knowledge about surround system requirements, so you get the ultimate cinema experience.

At BK Electric Services we consult our customers every step of the way and ensure that their needs are being met, according to their budget. We take customer satisfaction very seriously and provide friendly services at competitive prices with no hidden charges. We offer fair, competitive prices on all our electrical services with no hidden charges. We take take pride in keeping our customers happy.