A home intercom system is much more than a convenient way to call everyone to the dining table for dinner. It aids you to summon someone for a phone, play music throughout the house and enhance home security at front door.

An intercom system is a small metal box with numbers on it and is usually located outside a building at its entrance. It is a system of communication which is similar to a telephone that you have to punch numbers in to talk to someone, but it is independent of public telephone networks. The latest intercom systems are very versatile and can be connected to a home telephone, cell phones or on door latches.

Most government properties such as offices, banks, and schools use intercom systems for security purposes. The calls can be connected to your music systems in case if you want to put someone on hold.

The conventional intercoms were hardwired, but the latest ones come in wireless varieties. You can connect your intercom system to an existing wiring scheme for convenience. Wireless intercoms are far more superior in performance and are portable. They can transmit signals 1000 ft away from the central system.

BK Electric Services has installed many intercom systems around Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Fernando Valley areas till date. In most cases, serious modifications to old intercom systems were required, and our technicians upgraded them without adding new wiring. Our team has worked on various models of intercoms including those designed by Tektone, Mircom, and Quantometrix.

Some of our clients requested for video intercom systems which we were happy to install for them. Video intercom systems are an excellent method for added security as they allow you see the visitor before opening the door for them. You do not have to spend hundreds of dollars to buy a good intercom system.

At BK Electric Services we consult our clients every step of the way and ensure that their needs are being met, within their budget. We take customer satisfaction very seriously and provide friendly services at competitive prices. Call us today for a free estimate!