Low voltage lighting is an innovative system which uses less than 30V and still provides brilliant luminance. Low voltage bulbs have a longer life as compared to the conventional incandescent bulbs. They are more cost-effective in the long term since they last 50 times longer than halogen and incandescent bulbs, saving you bulb replacement costs.

Low voltage lighting is designed in a way that the power comes from a transformer which converts the high 240V power supply into a lower 12V supply. This is a brilliant feature because it reduces the risk of injury when using electrical equipment moreover low voltage lighting is easier to install because the cable wires do not have to be buried as deep underneath the ground. The transformer connects to the cable wire which can supply low voltage electricity to many devices.

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Low voltage lighting comes in many shapes and styles, so you don't have to compromise on design. We provide a vast variety of services in low voltage:

  • HD TV installation
  • Projector installation
  • Home theatre design
  • Computer Integration
  • Security CCTV
  • Home automation
  • Speaker design and installation
  • Music/Audio for the entire house
  • Universal remote program services
  • Audio/Video system installation
  • Hidden rewiring
  • Surround sound system & installation
  • CAT 5/6 structured wiring
  • New Home wiring

For the past few years, low voltage lighting is becoming a priority in new homes or remodeling projects. Consumers are now demanding eco-friendly energy saving alternatives to high voltage lightning. Low voltage lightening not only saves you from high energy bills but is also safer than conventional lighting. They are also cool to touch and do not give off heat to the surroundings which are useful if you have heat sensitive indoor plants.

You can now install low voltage bulbs in your garden without the risk of electric shock when exposed to rain or snow. You may not want to hire a professional electrician as installing low voltage bulbs is a relatively simple DIY job. There is also a great way to provide a soft illumination to dark corners of your house and garage. This discourages burglars from entering a well-lit home.