Motion Sensors

A motion sensor is the key element of all security systems because it is the main component which detects movement and sends an alert about a potential threat. Although motion sensors are generally used for security purposes, they have a wide range of applications. They are used in elevators to open the door when someone puts a hand inside or in shops at the entrance when you step near the front doors. In houses and buildings, motion sensors can be installed to switch on/off lights. They can also be used for automatically turning on/off water faucets.

Motion sensors typically focus on a designated area and create a fence by sending beams to a detector. If any object-human or animal, strays into the beam, it gets interrupted, and the fence is broken which sends an alert to the control system.

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You can use motion sensors to alert you when someone approaches your front door or if your teenager breaks his curfew and attempts to sneak out from the windows. There are four main types of technology used in motion sensors:

    Passive Infrared-PIR

    Active Ultrasonic

    Active Tomographic

    Active Microwave

Motion sensors pick up movement through laser beams, radio waves, and temperature changes. When someone steps into the path of laser or radio beam, it gets broken and immediately sends an alert to the control center which sends you a notification. Some security systems are programmed to send live feeds via a security camera when motion is detected.

For the majority of the security systems, infrared is the preferred motion sensing method because

it is sensitive to human body temperature. These sensors will notify you when the temperature increases or decreases rapidly from 93F.

Although installing a motion sensor is a simple job and can be done by anyone with little knowledge, but we recommend consulting us because it is easy to overload the circuit and cause electrical failure and risk electrocution. At BK Electric Services our technicians have years of experience in installing motion sensors of a wide variety. All the work done is according to the code and with a permit, if necessary.