Load centers are also known as electrical panels which accept the main power to your home and keeps the electricity flowing through the entire circuit in your home. The panels divide the main power supply into separate circuits which are protected from over-current by use of circuit breaker or fuses.

Electric panels are extremely dangerous which is why they are placed either in attic or basements. The current code does not allow panels to be installed in bathroom or closets because of strict regulations.

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The electric panels are placed inside a silver metal box and are installed in out of reach areas in your home. There will be circuit breakers stacked inside the panel which can be controlled with a lever that turns on or off. There is a main breaker which supplies power to all the circuits in your home. It has a visible amperage capacity which is mentioned as 100, 150, etc.

The current code states that 100-amp service is the minimum allowed for residential construction although 150-amp is very common as well. At BK Electric Services we have panels in higher capacities of 200 and 400 amp.

If you are renovating your home, you may need new outlets, and circuit breakers as the existing panel box might not have enough space for additional breakers. You will need to upgrade the panel box to accommodate additional panels and circuit breakers to cope with demands of modern living.

If you hear any sound coming from the panel box, do not open it. Call your local electrician immediately as crackling or humming noise can be caused by a loose wire, a worn fuse or a burnt contact. There are few other warning signs when your electric service needs an upgrade such as flickering of lights, lose or burnt connections. If you spot any of these signs, it is time to call a professional for help.

BK Electric Services will analyze your electric panel box and make proper recommendations according to your property needs. We can change the circuit breakers without interrupting your household. All of our electricians are experts, and our work is code compliant.