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Our televisions have become smarter with advancement in technology. They have sleek designs, curved screens, higher resolution and sharper picture quality. Televisions and surround sound systems have now become the ultimate home theatre systems. However, it is essential that you buy an LCD, LED or 4K television to enjoy the experience.

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It has become affordable to install home theatre systems allowing you to bring the visual experience inside the comfort of your home. Plasma/LCD televisions boast higher picture quality at affordable prices, so many modern families can enjoy the luxury of a home theatre system.

Although many people try to install the TV sets by themselves, it requires careful planning. You will need to think about coordinating the wiring and then concealing it and also ensure the plasma screen is mounted securely. Because if something goes wrong, you could end up wasting a lot of money. Make your life easy by calling BK Electric Services, and our expert technicians will install your smart television at the right angle and eye level.

We have been mounting and installing plasma screens for over two decades now in Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Fernando Valley areas. You can trust our electricians who have complete knowledge about altitude requirements, so you get the perfect picture quality.

We offer a full integration package and not just install your TV. We also ensure that every wire and relevant appliance (cable box, Wi-Fi system) is connected to the LCD screen and working correctly. We offer quick service, so you can watch your favorite TV shows or catch a movie as soon as we leave. Our team member will also explain the full functionality of each equipment to you, so you can control, record, delete, and playback your favorite shows the same day.

We offer free consultation and estimates and also offer discounts to our valued customers. And you can be sure that we won’t quote you ridiculous rates. We offer fair, competitive prices on all our electrical services with no hidden charges. We take customer satisfaction seriously and take pride in keeping our customers happy.