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Whether you need a security camera for your house, business or retail shop, we are the experts you need. BK Electric Services specializes in design, installation, and support of security cameras. Our fully qualified team members are involved in all aspects of the project from initial design through to installation.

Entering a burglarized or invaded home is a nightmare for anyone. It is one of the worst experiences a family can go through. Unfortunately, there are some people who prey on the unaware and are looking for opportunities to invade an unsecured home. However, there are a few measures you can take to prevent your home from being invaded, and that includes installing security cameras around the premises.

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One thing to focus on when installing a security camera is the location-you do not want to mount a camera where its view will be obstructed by a tree, wall, fence or pipe. You need to ensure that your camera has the widest possible range of vision and mounting it high in the corner is a good idea. Make sure the camera is tucked away from view and is also protected from the weather if you are installing it outside.

You will need to connect the power and attach the wires to operate the camera. This can be a tricky process since security cameras are often mounted far from outlets and require extension cables as well as adapters to bridge the distance. You may want to connect a video recorder to view what the camera sees however it is recommended to use a standalone DVR is you are using multiple security cameras.

Security cameras are now commonplace in the environment around us, and a huge variety of equipment is available in the market. As an independent company, BK Electric Services provides the best solution to meet your needs and budget. We have successfully installed thousands of security cameras in residential and commercial properties across Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Fernando Valley areas. Our team will assess your property and install an appropriate number of cameras and set up the video recording within few hours.